Gabrielle resides in central, rural Ohio where the area is surrounded by nature preserves and beautiful state parks with lush forests. Her photography lends itself to a vast variety of compositions which is indicative to her creative talents and environment. Gabrielle’s wildlife images have caught the attention of area newspapers in their publications and are award winning. A gifted writer, as well, she has a story surrounding her images particulary when critters are involved. However, her pictures often reflect their own unspoken impressions and accounts.

Gabrielle delights in gardening and swimming during the warm months of the year. She also enjoys activities surrounding her maltese dogs and hiking where she can get one last shot! A treasure in her field she offers gifts for those who long for refreshment in their souls.

Publications surrounding her photography include The Logan Daily, July 14,2005, The Eagle-Gazette, May 31,2006 and October 26, 2007. Photographer’s Edge, Spring, 2008, Fall,2009,Spring/Summer 2010 catalogs and front page of their website for Mother’s Day cards, Spring 2010. Photographer’s Edge Summer 2017 catalogue, P.16 All that we love deeply…becomes a part of us. #822 and 823. Photographer’s Edge online 2017 and 2018 Christmas Cards #1335, Occasion Cards #736 You are in my thoughts and prayers, Mother’s Day #1227 and Other Occasions # 1256.

In addition, she is a 2010 graduate of Professional Courses at New York Institute of Photography. Gabrielle is a member of Audubon Society and National Wildlife Federation.